1001 Footsteps: The World We Miss and Overlook continuous series

Nevena Photography Footsteps

Nevena Photography Footsteps
1001 Footsteps: The World We Miss and Overlook series
The world we miss and overlook. The one we search when we’ve lost something. The one we glance at to make sure we do not trip and fall. The one we get close to when our shoe is untied. But how different is that world from moment to moment, from place to place? Juxtaposing moments of walking past.

This is a project where the idea of cataloging images of the ground is explored. Through travelling by foot from Toronto, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Venice, Sofi a, Madrid and other places, a juxtaposition, a dialogue if you will, of what we step on is created. It’s goal is to bring attention to details that are sometimes left unnoticed in our fast-passed world. The exhibition consist of photographs and a map pinpointing their locations.


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