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As the city of Toronto prepares to receive over 2000 Syrian refugees in the coming months, we are looking to extend a warm welcome.

WELCOME to TORONTO أهلا وسهلا is a themed colouring book that will help newcomers become acquainted with our multicultural city. The book includes a beautiful collection of illustrations created by talented Toronto artists and designers, with English and Arabic text accompanying each image.

During the month of March, you can purchase a colouring book through our buy-a-book-gift-a-book fundraiser. We aim to raise funds to print enough books to give to each family re-settling in Toronto and the GTA.

Info about the book and fundraiser can be found here: http://keep6.ca/welcome-to-toronto-a-colouring-book-fundraiser-for-syrian-refugees/

The book is also available for purchase here: http://keep6.ca/product/welcome-to-toronto-a-colouring-book/

A special thank you to the talented artists and designers who donated their original artwork to be included in this book!

Illustrated by: Maryam Keyhani maryamkeyhani.com www.instagram.com/maryamkeyhani/, Regina Shing www.reginashing.ca www.instagram.com/reginashing_/, Shannon Leigh Cote www.instagram.com/shannonleighcote/, Mélissa Tovar, Yi Zhou www.studioforlandscapeculture.com, Andrea Pearce + Nicole Baillargeon, Christine Kim christinekimdesign.com, Ala Koreitem www.instagram.com/artbyala/, Bjoern Arthurs bjoernarthurs.com, Nevena Niagolova www.nevena.org, Justin Broadbent www.justinbroadbent.com www.instagram.com/keithdungeon/, James Tuer www.jamestuer.com, Ashley Barron ashleybarron.com, Lauren Pirie www.laurenpirie.com,Nathan Jurevicius scarygirl.com, Melinda Josie www.melindajosie.com www.instagram.com/melindajosie/, Nicole Tomasi nicolemariatomasi.format.com, Micah Donovan www.micahdonovan.com, Shengyu Cai, Cheryl Voisine cherylvoisine.com, Haley Vyvey, Kinda Arbach, Ibn Talib, Dimitra Papantonis, Jess Leung www.alittlejess.be www.instagram.com/alittlejess/, Kathryn Macnaughton kathrynmacnaughton.com, Aleks Bartosik www.aleksbartosik.com, and Ccomma www.ccomma.org.

Produced by: Nicole Baillargeon, Andrea Pearce, Rafi Ghanaghounian, and printed by Keep6

Welcome To Toronto Colouring Book Welcome To Toronto Colouring Book

Welcome To Toronto Colouring Book Welcome To Toronto Colouring Book

Welcome To Toronto Colouring Book

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