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Nevena Niagolova at the Artist Project 2019

by nevena on Friday February 8th, 2019, no comments

Join me for another exciting year at the The Artist Project – February 21st to 24th! This time I will be exhibiting my watercolour and ink work. Booth number is 633 (right next to the zines). As part of my involvement I’m able to offer you Discounted Tickets. For the Opening Night party use code EXHON2019 and for regular exhibition […]

Momentary Bursts

by nevena on Monday May 14th, 2018, no comments

  Nevena Niagolova, the current artist in residence at The Toronto Heliconian Club, will present her solo exhibition of large-scale abstract expressionist work from May 31st till July 4th. These spontaneous bursts of energy are in the form of watercolour and ink in a dynamic, high contrast relationship; whether explosive or calm – there is always purpose and balance. Though constantly […]

Nevena at the Artist Project 2018

by nevena on Thursday February 15th, 2018, no comments

I’m very happy to be showing my all brand new work at the The Artist Project this year – February 22rd to 25th. My art is in the abstract expressionistic realm. It is energetic, spontaneous, and emotional and it looks for responses through the use of colour, line, and brush strokes. These particular series are all done in acrylic […]

Messy Excitements | Exhibition

by nevena on Monday August 28th, 2017, no comments

| Art Exhibition Nevena Niagolova | With great pleasure I’d like to invite you to my first solo mixed media exhibition in Bulgaria. I hope this would be one wonderful evening for all of my friends known and not yet known, and of course for myself.:) This is a completely new series of abstract expressionist […]

Nevena at The Artist Project

by nevena on Tuesday February 14th, 2017, no comments

Hello!:) I’d like to invite you to The Artist Project this February 23rd to 26th. I’ll be showing some of my new abstract paintings; big and small – mainly in acrylics. So come, take a look and say hi.:) My Booth number is 115. As part of my involvement I’m able to offer you Discounted […]

Flying Cats:)

by nevena on Tuesday January 12th, 2016, no comments

Flying Cats!:) A little game I did while learning game-making from these guys (really good). Desktop only.. Wait for a few seconds so it loads.. 🙂