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Toronto Outdoor Exhibition:) Booth D24

by nevena on Thursday June 25th, 2015, no comments

Hello Everyone..:) I’ll be part of this year’s Toronto Outdoor Exhibition At Nathan Phillips Square, showing my paintings and artwork..:) Booth D24 🙂 I’ll be very happy if you come join me or pass by to say hi… I’m sure there will be lots of awesome work at the show anyways:) Hope to see you […]


by nevena on Tuesday February 24th, 2015, no comments

A tasty recipe from my aunt:)

by nevena on Saturday December 20th, 2008, no comments

Bread with Olives (really tasty) (picture coming soon) For the dough 4 coffee cups of flour 1 c.c. of oil 1 c.c. of plain yogurt 1 tea spoon of salt 1/2 t.s. of soda or backing powder 1 egg For the stuffing 2-3 hard boiled eggs 200 gr. fine chopped olives 1 onion 100-150 gr. […]