It's a Story
It’s a Story
Still in the works, but take a look :)!

Sweet Octopus
My first hackathon! Check it out! πŸ™‚

Nevena Tick Tea Toe Game
Tick Tea Toe
My first all developed Android app ever. Like tic tac toe, but sweeter and prettier. Or should I say like Tick Tea Toe! Get it from Google Play! πŸ™‚


Flying Cats
Flying Cats!:)
A little game I did while learning game-making from these guys (really good).


Paper Game
Paper Game – Bloom
Something we made with Milan at T.O.Jam #4. So much fun!:)
The lizard’s garden is in danger from “the elements” (sun, clouds, monsters)… Tuki has a pair of scissors and paper at his disposal, which he uses to bring “the elements” to life and help the garden grow.

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