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Found Wanting (2009 CFC IAEP Prototype)
2009 Brendan Hennessy, Arthur Maughan, Nevena Niagolova, CFC Media Lab.

“Why didn’t you…?” “Why don’t you…?” “Why weren’t you…?”
 Found Wanting is a multimedia installation piece that ‘puts a face’ to the persistent and sometimes relentless nature of our digital life. Overloaded by the digital makeup of our current lifestyle choices, we struggle with the demands of staying in touch with those who reach out, and often feel guilty for our lack of response. Found Wanting taps into this inner guilt and examines the growing emotional divide of lost communication due to our inability to keep up.
 Combining the social broadcasting site Twitter, the seven floating heads of Found Wanting confront the audience with questions prefixed by “Why?”. Retrieved in real time, the judgment implicit in the questions from strangers becomes surprisingly intimate.
 Both real and unreal, the result is uncanny, awkward, and strangely engaging.



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