Sweet Octopus

Last weekend our amazing team won third place in the hackathon!:) How it all started…Some time ago I watched a fascinating talk by Anouk Wipprecht. There were so many exciting topics and one of them was her work with the Unicorn brain interface and children. She mentioned the hackathon and I didn’t really have to think about it – I just joined.Our team was to create a game in Unity controlled by the interface. The idea was that it would be a multiplayer game with two BCI’s. I did the octopus and Unity part – a cute cephalopod who is controlled by the players trying to eat one another. They did everything else – I wish I was there with them, so I could see and delve into how it worked and how they actually did it – it all seemed so fascinating! And then we won, out of 38 teams – the most the hackathon has ever had so far. Fun!:)- with Artem Gazizov, Harshwardhan Saini, Karahan Yilmazer, Nevena Niagolova, Vadim Juris, Vladislav Samoilov




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