Making of a Painting
Video Nevena Niagolova

Connection Makes a Difference
Electronics, Paintings, Animation, Music & Video by Nevena Niagolova
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What is Art?
Animation & Video Nevena Niagolova | Video by Brian Kantor
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Canadiano Special Edition
Video by Nevena Niagolova | Music and other stuff by Sean Procyk
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Cardboard Karate
Editing, Actress Nevena Niagolova | Director, script, video Art Maughaun

Painting a painting
Creation of a mural.

Static Moments in BG (part 1)
Static Moments in BG is a series of 5 (so far) videos documenting a journey “back home”. The focus is not on the quality or editing of the visuals, but rather on the experience and the juxtaposition between the recorded and remembered moments.
 Often on the road – “back home” is not one place – but rather a small collection of travels recorded and presented in sequence and abruptly cut intervals of 15 or 30 seconds.

Static Moments in BG (part 2)

Static Moments in BG (part 3)

Static Moments in BG (part 4)

Static Moments in BG (part 5)

118 Situations (cencored 1) part 1
This is a project documenting environmental changes based on time and location. When on a continuous path – if one observes relentlessly – small changes creep in and variation seems gradual. With the help of editing of course, one can see distinctive changes more abruptly. This is a journey of about 2,700 km conveniently squeezed into 100 minutes.

118 Situations (cencored 1) part 2

118 Situations (cencored 1) part 3

118 Situations (cencored 1) part 4

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